Delivering “therapeutic or healing value”

Requires a thorough grasp of the needs, safety, and expectations of patients, residents, and staff, as well as the purpose and practices of the healthcare facility .We understand the specific nature, requirements & the rapid Developing sciences/ technologies of the healing & healthcare facility. Our healthcare experts collaborate with clients & stakeholders to conquer the complex challenges inherent in any healthcare project and bring about facility design, in order to enhance patient health outcomes & raise patients and staff satisfaction.


Challenges facing healthcare today

Healthcare experts must understand new Opportunities and updated medical technologies . they also have to position their facilities to deliver the best patient outcomes. QSD’s healthcare designers, and researchers are Redefining operational efficiencies, quality & safety.

We conduct our own original research Beyond the standards, through evidence based designs. Our healthcare teams deliver Comfortable sustainable 1st class facilities that help our clients improve healing environments and communities at lower costs, but with high quality standards.


Health is at the center of who we are and what we do...

We design facilities that are at the heart of a community’s health—vital healing spaces that are safe, open, and functional.
The principles of place-making, sustainability, and change adaptation are hallmarks of our approach. But, it’s really our passion and progressive thinking that’s made us a leader in healthcare planning and design for more than five decades. Our specilaized work in increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and facilitating connections among staff, patients, and families gives the diagnosis, care giving, and healing process renewed energy, life, and direction. Our team is supported up-to-date proprietary health research, experience in lean design, and expertise in alternative delivery systems.

Through our designs, we put our clients at the forefront of best practice, new technology, and new healthcare delivery. Through our healing spaces, we nurture the human spirit and inspire bonds with community. With a wealth of experience and expertise in space programming, medical planning ,architectural, landscape, healthcare interior principles and property services our
aim is to make a positive contribution to the quality of the built environment and to create places that enrich people’s lives.
We act in a socially and environmentally responsible manner and invest in a comprehensive process of continuous learning for the benefit of our clients and our people. We are committed to continuously improving our service and design quality through the development of a culture of excellence.