QSD_Al Qahira School of Design

What QSD word stands for : QSD word is an anacronym for "AL Qahira School Of Design" which originated as a school of thought that provides an interactive platform for multidisciplinary design practices. Where interdisciplinarity is not merely defined as the sum of different disciplines but rather the multiplication of its powers.

Redefine to Design; "redefine ! Inverted pyramid"

Redefine thinking concept is our fundamental driver for design, it’s as if we wear new glasses to explore other objects, new dimensions for objects, in order to transform problems into solutions as well as enlarging opportunities for creative ideas .



Research, Design and iNVESTMENT Triangulation; three forces mesh, new business model for bettering built environment

The brand essence & belief to redefine is symbolized by the inverted triangle; a powerful representation of redefinition. Then the brand’s 3 aspects and dimensions co-create a tetrahedron (3D triangle) that reflects the completeness of the process.The logo is created by having one of the sides of the inverted triangle complete a missing dimension from the tetrahedron; to signify how redefining is a crucial element to all aspects of the brand. This merge then creates a systemic & flexible brand identity, without having to create a grid in the conventional sense, rather a rotational axis with one fixed point which is the point the inverted triangle is anchored upon. The logo can rotate for as long as the inverted triangle remains inverted; and completes a dimension from the tetrahedron.

The possibilities created by the rotations when overlapped create a grid, that creates a matrix of visual potentialities for the brand elements.The idea of the 3 forces is then introduced via a morphing mesh around the inverted triangle; mapping out the intensity of each discipline (Research, Design, Investment).

Another element used in the branding system is the “ ”. Which is the sign of "multiplication", showing that QSD & Partners’ efforts are not just added to one another, but multiplied, creating a form of synergy as well as maximizing the potential for every project we work on.