RAK lagoona Resort


The unique location of RAK lagoon resort, facing the sea from two sides, makes it a highly attractive destination for both local and international visitors. 

The overarching design approach aims at going beyond the conventional seasonal visitor attraction (warm winters). The proposed design does not only capitalize on the nature sceneries and the charming beach but also offer a wide range of potential attractive events and activities for visitors to enjoy even in excessively over heated seasons. To this end, a diverse land use program was proposed including, but not limited to, year-round water adventure park, beach activities and water sports, modern retail facility, in addition to a platform for hosting major cultural events in the city.
The design was inspired from traditional compact urban contexts. The proposed contemporary radial clustering pattern maximizes exposure to waterfront, pools and landscape elements. Additionally, this massing/form features multi-scale courtyards that facilitate the concept of micro-climate control. The proposed courtyard system provides outdoor thermal comfort through shading and evaporative cooling balancing out the hot dry weather, and generating different patterns of low and high air pressures leading to consistent higher rates of air flow. 
The contemporary form was carefully blended into architectural elements and features that reflects the local architectural heritage of Ras Al Khaima, such as facade opening proportions, intimate/human urban feel, and hierarchy of  massing and spaces. Although one can recognize patterns and is easily guided through shaded pedestrian paths, each courtyard reflects a different spatial experience and incorporate a wide range of activities and landscape features.  
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United Arab Emirates
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Ras Alkhaima, UAE

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