“When an architect is asked what his best building is, he usually answers, the next one.” Emilio Ambasz.

QSD adopts “Research by Design” approach involving the participation of local community, students and professionals to
empower bottom-top planning practices. In this context, integrated design workshops are conducted primarily seeking sustainable development of the existing built environment within greater Cairo region. The foreseen development starts from the object scale and reaching the regional scale.

QSD thrives to cope with the current state of flux of design practices in relevance to the emerging CAD technologies., In accordance with DSS paradigm, we seek developing tools and methodologies facilitating the design decisions based on solid physical and aesthetic values.


QSD vision to expolre the Capital city of Cairo. The city of fractals & complexities established a great challenge for design potentials, ideas & solutions, The City extraordinary fabric put us in front of a great Challenge to explore the space potentials & the city special nature & culture.

In the framework of this vision, QSD had initiated with other parties Cairo Urban Sketchers (CUS) intiative which aims to explore the city of Cairo in search of the quality architecture which is being eclipsed by the new developments. Our expeditions starts by locating these hidden urban gems, study it through sketching and expose it to those who are interested and finally document it in an artistic product ie: sketches. we do that through various methods but our monthly walks remains to be our primary activity.

The practice aims to provide unique responses to the industry’s needs based on thorough research and understanding of the Cairene case.
We also believe influence can multiply through partnerships which makes happy today that we are openly collaborating with other pioneering entities and researchers who share the same interest.
We hope we continue to delivering valuable activities to people who share the same interest and are eager to collaborate together for the sake of a flourishing Cairo.
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